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Learning to drive in traffic
  Learning to drive in traffic – Ace Driver Training

Why choose a driving school?
When you learn to drive with a TMR approved driving school, it is an investment in your driving future.  Your hazard perception techniques and decision-making ability will have an effect on your safety and others.  As a student driver, you will benefit from learning lifetime skills that will not only help you ace your Q-Safe Driving Test.  It will also help you stay safe on the road as a P-plate & Open licensed driver.
As a skilled professional, the driving instructor, apart from being calm, tolerant and experienced in driving situations, will understand and adapt to students’ learning styles.  The professional instructor will accordingly prepare driving lessons which will enable students to learn and progress with confidence.  As a general guide, you should have a sense of progression at the conclusion of each driving lesson.  And with continual practice, you should also have a genuine sense of achievement after a short number of driving lessons.
There are significant benefits when you learn to drive in an approved driver training car fitted with dual-controls. You will be able to quickly experience driving in traffic with assistance from the instructor.  This can be enormously helpful when focussing solely on one skill component, for example steering control.  Additionally, the instructor is able to assist in difficult situations when needed as you become more able and experienced behind the wheel.  Ideally, you will have some initial reassurance while learning with the ultimate goal for you to drive independently without assistance, and become a safe and confident driver.
So, why Ace Driver Training?
At Ace Driver Training, the instructor focusses on helping students achieve their driving goals.  Lessons are created and planned carefully to challenge students in a way that will improve their driving skills, and also increase their own confidence and awareness of the situations that may occur on the road.
The driving instructor, Henry Greenhill, is an experienced driving instructor having previously instructed in Brisbane and now Cairns.  He is also a qualified teacher and has taught children, teenagers and adults from a variety of backgrounds in Australia, the UK and Japan.  This gives him the ability to understand different learning styles and the need for flexibility in helping student drivers progress toward their goals.
Ace Driver Training vehicles are Toyota Corolla hatches, an extremely popular car with an excellent reputation in build quality and safety.  Both cars, one automatic and one manual, are approved by QLD TMR for driver training.  Vehicles are fully insured, regularly serviced and are fitted with top quality tyres.  These vehicles provide an ideal platform for anybody learning to drive and are a great stepping stone toward driving any passenger vehicle whether it be smaller, same-sized or larger.
Toyota Corolla hatch
Ace Driver Training Toyota Corolla Hatch