Here are some links that will provide you with an extensive range of information that will assist you with your driving experience, and in obtaining your driver’s licence.

KEYS TO DRIVE IN QUEENSLAND Learn, or refresh their knowledge, about Queensland’s current driver licensing requirements and road rules.

PRACTICE ROAD RULES TEST   How good are you at remembering the road rules? Questions same or similar to the questions used in the real tests.

GET A LEARNER LICENCE   Find out how to get started here.

PREP L – START HERE     On-line course for getting L’s

LEARNER LOGBOOK   You’ll need to record 100 driving hours if you’re under 25.

LEARNER LOGBOOK APP   A handy way to record your 100 hours, approval is much quicker too.

HPT (HAZARD PERCEPTION TEST)  You need to pass this before your P’s test if you hold a learner licence.

BOOK A PRACTICAL DRIVING TEST Click on ‘continue’ and ‘accept’ terms on the following page.  Then follow the steps to complete the booking.   The region is NQ NORTH COAST and centre is either Cairns CSC or Bentley Park CSC.  Alternatively, call TMR on 132380.  Still stuck? Call Henry on 04042 223 208.

TRANSFER TO A QUEENSLAND LICENCE   Interstate & Overseas licence holders.  (Exempt countries)

EXPECTED COMPETENCIES FOR A PRACTICAL DRIVING TEST  The following 12 points extensively cover the majority of requirements and expectations of the Q-Safe Driving Test in Queensland.

PRACTICAL DRIVING TEST ASSESSMENT CRITERIA – (SIMPLIFIED VERSION)     Understand what driving examiners assess during practical driving tests.

HOW SAFE IS YOUR CAR?     Independent information about the safety of the new and used cars on the Australian market.

BLOG PAGE – (INDEX)     Answers to questions, useful information and tips relating to safe and responsible driving.