Here are some links that will provide you with an extensive range of information that will assist you with your driving experience, and in obtaining your driver’s licence.

Your Keys to Driving in Queensland – information about the road rules in Queensland.
This is a guide for anyone wanting to learn, or refresh their knowledge about Queensland’s current driver licensing requirements and road rules.

Queensland Transport and Main Roads’ Practice Road Rules Test
This is the easiest way to practise for your test. Questions are similar to those used in a Customer Service Centre (CSC), Queensland Government Agency Program (QGAP) office, or police station.

Driver education and defensive driving courses.
Learning to drive is an important milestone in your life, but there are a lot of things to learn and remember.  This page includes:
• Tips to help you become a safe driver.
• Videos to help you learn safe driving habits.
• A guide for supervisors about to teach someone to become a safe, responsible driver.
• Opinions about defensive driver training.

Queensland Transport, Travel and Motoring.
Find out information about all transport and motoring in Queensland.

Queensland Government search for services – do it online.
This includes an online reference guide to the State of Queensland, its system of government, history and other information.

How safe is your car?
This website has been developed to provide car buyers with independent information about the safety of the new and used cars on the Australian market.

Cairns Driving School – Blogspot
Getting your driver’s licence is one of the most rewarding experiences, opening up your career and social opportunities. This blog is not limited to helping you pass your driving test, but also to become a safe and competent driver for the years ahead.

Ace Driver Training - home page