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Are you learning to drive, or teaching someone to drive, or have an interest in driving safely?  Information, articles, answers to questions and tips relating to safe and responsible driving. Getting your driver’s licence is one of the most rewarding experiences, opening up your career and social opportunities. The aim is not limited to helping you pass your driving test, but also to become a safe and competent driver for the years ahead.

Driving Tip – Windscreen Wipers

Why do automatic cars have neutral?

How many passengers can I carry while I am on my Ls?

What do I need to be able to do in a driving test?

What kind of fuel should I use for my car?

To the 18-year-old I stopped on the highway.

How can I pass my practical driving test?    (video)

How can I make sure I come to a ‘complete stop’ at a stop sign?

What is the best way to adjust the side mirrors?

How will the written road rules test change in Queensland?

Do the blue markers in the middle of the road mark the centre of the road?

Can learner drivers tow trailers in Queensland?

Driving Tip – Stopping at Traffic Lights

When is it OK to cross white edge-lines of a road?

Safety First: A Few Ways to Avoid Crashes

How mind exercises can help anxious drivers

When do I give way to buses?

What is ‘clutch coasting’?

How long can I drive without a break while on a learner licence?

Driving Tip – Scanning while driving

Who gives way here?

Can I get my driver licence on my 17th birthday?

Driving Tip – Avoid manoeuvring whilst the engine is cold

Drive safely – The life you save might be your own

How far can you drive when the fuel warning light comes on?

Risky intersections in Cairns

Positioning of left foot when driving

How difficult is it to drive at night?

What’s driving us crazy?

Adjust your headrest

Improvements to the QSAFE practical driving test – effective 29 June, 2015

Do I still have to indicate here at the end of the street?

Driving tip – When signalling your moves…

I’m going on holiday in Melbourne. Can I drive in Victoria with my uncle with my Queensland Learners Licence?

What kind of footwear do I have to wear when I drive?

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